Press/Video: Michael B. Jordan ‘Creed II’ Press Tour Interviews Master Post

MBJ has been making the rounds for his Creed II press tour, which will go on til mid January. I’ve created a playlist with all of the press junket interviews. Be sure to bookmark this post to stay updated on the latest interviews. I will also be posting updates on our Twitter. You can check out the videos below.

Press/Videos: ‘Creed II’ Red Carpet Interviews Master Post

I’ve created a playlist with all of MBJ’s ‘Creed II’ red carpet interviews. Be sure to bookmark this post to stay updated on the latest interviews. I will also be posting updates on our Twitter. You can check out the videos below.

Press: Michael B Jordan: ‘What I’m trying to do, represent and build is universal’

Press: Michael B Jordan: ‘What I’m trying to do, represent and build is universal’

From The Wire to Black Panther, Michael B Jordan is an actor as determined to break down diversity barriers as he is to break box office records. It’s an ongoing fight for the star of Creed II and when it comes to getting his life lessons across he doesn’t pull any punches…

In his words: “Why does it take somebody to feel like they’re close to us for us to see their humanity? Why can’t we see the humanity in people that are distant from us?”
In other words: Don’t just respond to the needs of family and friends. If we see suffering, we should have empathy with whoever is in pain because we understand their plight even we don’t know them.

In his words: “Sometimes you’ve gotta hide the medicine in the food. You can’t slap somebody in the face with facts all the time. It’s too harsh.”
In other words: If you have a message to get across, don’t feel you have to force it on people. If you can communicate in more subtle ways, it can be just as effective.

In his words:“I think redemption is about righting a wrong – and in that pursuit it’s about trying. You can stumble, you can make mistakes, but it’s about trying to do the right thing.”
In other words: Striving to do what’s right is more important than how you do it. You might take a wrong turn along the way but working out the right destination justifies the journey.

In his words: “Sometimes you gotta go with your first instinct. You gotta go with your gut. That’s kind of how I live my life: you gotta go with your gut.”
In other words: Don’t overthink things. When you are dealing with your own life, trust in yourself that you will make the right decision.

In his words: “When you got to make the decisions, when you get a chance to employ people, put key people of colour [and] women in those positions that are really going to make a difference.”
In other words: The world is changing and we all have a duty to support diversification, be it people of colour, women, LGBTQ people or those with disabilities. All lives matter.

In his words: “To the trolls on the internet, I want to say: get your head out of the computer. Go outside and walk around. Look at the people walking next to you. Look at your friends’ friends and who they’re interacting with. And just understand this is the world we live in. It’s OK to like it.”
In other words: Don’t hide behind a screen and preach hate. It’s a big world out there and life is too short to spend it promoting negativity. You won’t change your prejudices by closing yourself off.

In his words: “I’m first and foremost a black man, but what I’m trying to do, represent and build is universal.”
In other words: The message of inclusion isn’t about race or gender; it’s about equality and doing right by all.

In his words: “My path is my path. I can’t take nothing away from nobody and nobody can take nothing away from me. I’m running my race. But we can still encourage each other.”
In other words: Don’t allow others to discourage your ambitions and don’t do the same to them. Offer words of support. That way, we can all help each other.

Source: GQ

Video: Michael B. Jordan Plays ‘Would You Rather?’ | CREED II Special Feature

Michael B. Jordan, Adonis Creed himself, goes head-to-head in a no holds barred round of ‘Would You Rather?’ with Florian Munteanu, Viktor Drago! #CreedII #MichaelBWonderful #DingDing CREED II is in cinemas November 29.

Press/Video: Stars of ‘Creed II’ on bringing a love of boxing movies to a new generation

Michael B. Jordan and his “Creed II” co-stars discuss how the film explores themes of redemption, father-son relationships, and family.

Press: Michael B. Jordan Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

Michael B. Jordan (“Creed II”, “Black Panther”, “Friday Night Lights”) stops by to answer your questions about his career, workouts, and favorite anime – all with the help of some very furry friends. To learn more about these pups and others that are up for adoption, head to

Press/Video: “Do your worst!” Creed II’s Michael B. Jordan on brutal training and keeping it real.

Michael B. Jordan talks to BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Yasmin Evans about his roles in Creed II, Black Panther and Just Mercy, his brutal training regime and black representation in film. Plus Michael gets some heartfelt housewarming gifts from Yasmin.

Press: Michael B. Jordan explains how he prepared for his fatherly role in ‘Creed II’

Press: Michael B. Jordan explains how he prepared for his fatherly role in ‘Creed II’

(NEW YORK) — With the release of his latest film Creed II, Michael B. Jordan fans are getting to see the actor in a totally different light. In the sports action drama, Jordan plays a boxing champion and a new father who must learn how to adapt to a child with a disability.

Although it’s only through the film that Jordan is experiencing fatherhood for the first time, the actor does admit that he definitely wants children of his own one day.

“Of course, you’re in there, you’re with this this infant, this little baby and stuff like that,” Jordan tells ABC Radio. “And I love kids, you know.”

Yet, with no real experience to help him prepare for his fatherly role, Jordan says he was still able to dig deep to find his paternal instincts.

“[I] definitely get into that mind state of being a young father, young dad,” he says. “All of, what would the insecurities be? What would the worries [be]? Like what would Adonis be going through in that moment? So, I definitely felt that.”

Creed II, also starring Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad, in now in theaters.

Source: ABC News Radio

Press/Video: Michael B. Jordan Talks About His ‘Creed II’ Fitness Routine

Returning to the ring as boxer Adonis Johnson in Creed II, Michael B. Jordan Opens a New Window. ’s goal was to get as shredded and lean as possible. “I worked out maybe three or four times a day. I ate four to five times a day,” the star tells Us of his brown rice, chicken and broccoli diet. “I just really wanted to be defined. I wanted to evolve on the look that we gave on Creed I, and really raise the bar this time around.”

Press/Podcast: Michael B. Jordan Plus Best NBA Rookies and Wizards Chaos | The Bill Simmons Podcast

HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons calls up his buddy Joe House to talk struggling NBA teams, NBA rookies, the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson pay-per-view event, and NFL picks. Then Bill sits down with actor Michael B. Jordan to talk ‘Black Panther,’ his new film ‘Creed II,’ upcoming projects, and more.

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